Delivery Times: 

  • Days: Tuesday - Saturday
  • Times:10:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Special arrangements can be made with 24 hour advance notice for deliveries needed after 7pm.


Delivery Locations (Louisiana):

  • Baton Rouge area
  • Outside Baton Rouge 
    • Minimum $20; dependent on location‚Äč

Baton Rouge Delivery Rates:

Delivery charges are based on the distance from the pick up location  to the delivery site.


     0 - 5 miles        $15

     6 - 10 miles      $20

     11 - 15 miles    $25

     16 - 25 miles    $30

     26 - 30 (max)   $35


*Senior Rate (65+): $15 max charge


Delivery Total  =  Cost of Items/Goods + Mileage + 20% TOTAL of receipt



Deliveries will be made to the delivery address that you specify when you complete the ordering form. Payment for items/goods and delivery fees are due at the time of delivery.


You are responsible for ensuring that someone is present at the delivery location  to receive deliveries at the specified date and time. DeliverBR has the right to refuse service.



Directions to Place Your Order with DeliverBR:

Please complete the form and provide adequate details to ensure the accuracy of delivery and service. You will receive a confirmation email or text within 10 minutes of your order. If you do not receive an email, please contact us directly at (225) 315-1830. Alcohol or tobacco can NOT be ordered for delivery items.

For multiple pick up locations, please use the "Additional Details" box.

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